Hey, there.

A little about me?

I'm fanatical about technological, business, and scientific innovation.

I admire zen practices + minimalism.

I'm an atheist trying to find my footing.
I survived a childhood in a southern Christian cult.

You'll hear me happily rant pro: LGBT, feminism + humanism.

I'm a memoir junkie fangirl.
(& a wife & a stepmom)

I'm an entrepreneurial fiend.
(I'll coordinate your wedding and ghost-write your novel)

I want to write in a way that changes your world.

Speak Your Truth

OMG, Speak Your Truth.

  Dear world: what is the opposite of this popular new notion, “Speaking your truth?” I’d assume it’s lying, but I don’t think “I’ve decided I’m not a liar anymore” is actually the root of this new fad. Cuz isn’t that like, just what most decent people do? Try and…


We’ve all heard the sexist stereotypes:   “Men are logical, women are emotional.”   “Men ponder facts while women consider…