Hey, you.

I'm Ellie.

I write about the heart.


I admire zen practices + minimalism.
I'm fanatical about modernity & innovation.
Pro: LGBT, feminism + humanism.
Former Christian, happy atheist.

I'm a memoir-junkie-fangirl.


I want to write in a way that changes your world.


The Guilt I Feel as a Woman.

Confessions of a Feminist. This is a call to kindness from Elizabeth Gilbert, as posted on her FB wall: “Dear Ones – Can we talk about something? For the last few months, I’ve been growing uneasy about a phenomenon I’ve seen playing out in the media over women’s bodies and women’s appearance. And no, this is not about the USUAL… Read more →

black hair

I Thought Everybody Hated Me.

I have the most horrendous, embarrassing thing to admit. Oh my gosh.     It started yesterday. I had this big work event where my entire company was gathered in one room for a big sales kickoff. This is extremely rare, because more than half of the company works remote.   After a few hours, I began to notice something strange.… Read more →

I am a grown up. I am a badass

When You Skip the Dentist for 3 Years.

I read this awesome book last year that inspired my current personal mantra:     The badass part in general is a Self-Love motto. A reminder that I’ve conquered many demons, walked the walk, and generally didn’t bail out on life (as in, commit suicide a couple of years ago when I seriously contemplated it). I face depression without being… Read more →


2014: Year in Review

It’s New Year’s Eve! I’m so thrilled about the new year on the horizon. You know me—I’m crazy about newness and goals, and I absolutely adore this time of year because everyone else starts thinking about those things too!   Strategies, experiments, bucket lists, you name it. If it has to do with challenging habits, new experiences, and crazy ideas, I’m… Read more →