Hey, you.

I'm Ellie.

I write about the heart.


I admire zen practices + minimalism.
I'm fanatical about modernity & innovation.
Pro: LGBT, feminism + humanism.
Former Christian, happy atheist.

I'm a memoir-junkie-fangirl.


I want to write in a way that changes your world.


The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Below is a personal glimpse into my life. The miniature parts that make up my frustrations and thoughts. Grocery purchases and dollar signs. Insecurities and the crazy things I do about them.   I’m sort of obsessed right now with transparency. (Isn’t the romance of the mundane what society has always worshipped, anyhow?)     Yesterday: Stupid fight-like discussion with… Read more →


Young Skin: How to be 23?

Being 23 seems often like it should mean more to me than it does. I’ve lost so many of my culture’s idea of what it means having, as my friend put it, this “young skin and young optimism.” I’ve got this full time job in the big city, with a notable salary and impressive benefits. And of course that means… Read more →


Your Thanksgiving Can Be Wonky.

The first thanksgiving I ever hosted was with my boyfriend (now husband) and his two daughters. We invited my dad and the girls’ mother, and spent hours scouring the house and making it spic n’ span—it would be the first time my dad would see where I’d been living with my boyfriend, and the first time he’d meet the girls… Read more →