Hey, you.

I'm Ellie.

I write about the heart.
(that means depression + joy + the complexities of life.)


I admire zen practices + minimalism.
I'm fanatical about modernity & innovation.
Pro: LGBT, feminism + humanism.
Former Christian, happy atheist.

I'm a memoir-junkie-fangirl.


I want to write in a way that changes your world.


Self Respect & Showing Up.

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.“ – Woody Allen   You’re tired. You over-committed. You don’t feel like it.    Whatever your reason is,   Get out of bed.   And then, I implore you, show up.   Don’t call out of work, don’t skip class, don’t reschedule that appointment, don’t cancel the interview, don’t blow off that coffee date, don’t… Read more →


How We Paid Off 6 Credit Cards in 10 Days

  Just a few weeks ago I posted about how the Rockhills were implementing a new system to improve our budgeting system and tackle credit card debt.   Never in my wildest dreams did I think that we’d get such a fast head-start!   In just ten days (2/19/2015 – 2/28/2015) we have paid off SIX credit cards totaling $2,327.12.… Read more →


Phoenix, I Love You.

Here’s what you should do:   Grab a rental car and head for the mountains.   Lose yourself to Mumford & Sons with the windows down while you get lost.   Follow signs to the state park, and stop at any ghost towns you come upon.   Keep going.   Let the hours slip away and time lose all meaning.… Read more →


Learning to Take Personal Finance Seriously.

I’m adding a new Resolution to my list for 2015, and it’s all about money.   First off, I’m taking some free courses from YNAB to learn how to master their system of living off of last month’s income. At the end of my free trial of their software, if I’m lovin’ it, I’ll purchase it ($60) to monitor all… Read more →