Hey, there.

A little about me?

I'm fanatical about technological, business, and scientific innovation.

I admire zen practices + minimalism.

I'm an atheist trying to find my footing.
I survived a childhood in a southern Christian cult.

You'll hear me happily rant pro: LGBT, feminism + humanism.

I'm a memoir junkie fangirl.
(& a wife & a stepmom)

I'm an entrepreneurial fiend.
(I'll coordinate your wedding and ghost-write your novel)

I want to write in a way that changes your world.


What Makes a Leader

I had to run an errand today at work. Zipped across West Peachtree Street and down to the Centergy Building at Georgia Tech to get something signed by my CFO. Logistical stuff.   When I dipped into the room of officers—my boss, the CEO, CTO, all the VPs—I overheard a…

Speak Your Truth

OMG, Speak Your Truth.

  Dear world: what is the opposite of this popular new notion, “Speaking your truth?” I’d assume it’s lying, but…


We’ve all heard the sexist stereotypes:   “Men are logical, women are emotional.”   “Men ponder facts while women consider…