Hey, there.

A little about me?

I'm fanatical about technological, business, and scientific innovation.

I admire zen practices + minimalism.

I'm an atheist trying to find my footing.
I survived a childhood in a southern Christian cult.

You'll hear me happily rant pro: LGBT, feminism + humanism.

I'm a memoir junkie fangirl.
(& a wife & a stepmom)

I'm an entrepreneurial fiend.
(I'll coordinate your wedding and ghost-write your novel)

I want to write in a way that changes your world.


Your Thanksgiving Can Be Wonky.

The first thanksgiving I ever hosted was with my boyfriend (now husband) and his two daughters. We invited my dad and the girls’ mother, and spent hours scouring the house and making it spic n’ span—it would be the first time my dad would see where I’d been living with my boyfriend, and the first time he’d meet the girls… Read more →


Lovely Linkage

Round three! BADASS     A candy kickstarter. My kids totally have a jar coming their way this Christmas! (they totes don’t read my blog, so our secret is safe here.)     A song that will give you chills.     This website allows creatives to get paid every time they create content. It’s hardcore as hell! The guy… Read more →


New Home.

All I can think about is my new home. Ten days. 9 sleeps. SevenĀ and a half commutes. 1 weekend.   It’s not like we’re moving to a new state or a new country. But it’s a new city. It’s a county other than Gwinnett. It’s by the train station, and new coffee shops, and a river. It’s got new parks… Read more →