Hey, there.

A little about me?
I'm fanatical about technological, business, and scientific innovation.
I admire zen practices + minimalism.
I am agnostic, surviving a childhood in a southern Christian cult.
You'll hear me happily rant pro: LGBT, feminism + humanism.
I'm currently writing my first book, a memoir.

I want to write in a way that changes your world.


Step-Parents are Parents, Too.

  “So, when are you guys going to have a baby?”   The question was presented to me like I’d just been asked what I ate for lunch yesterday. Nonchalant, as if this wasn’t a fantastically personal thing to discuss. Not only that, but it was tossed out in the…


Blessed is Bullshit.

It was a few days ago when I was thumbing around through Instagram and stopped on one particular post. I…


that nisstolgia when you long for that certain, strange world where pens and there are handwritten letters lined in shoeboxes…