The Dark Side of Blogging

or, Your Social Life is a Facade. or, Why I am Quitting this Website.   I’ve been writing and blogging for a decade–long enough to remember the early days of Xanga and LiveJournal.   It’s been a part of my identity as long as I can remember.   About two years ago, I boldly dreampt up this website. My own… Read more →


8 Apps for Happy Living.

1. DuoLingo Timothy Ferris emphasizes the importance of continual learning for happiness in his book 4-Hour Work Week.   My step daughter inspired me to download DuoLingo and start practicing Italian just for fun. Talia is obsessed with language, and has taught herself a little bit of Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, Irish, and is working to become fluent in German–and she’s… Read more →


Creating a Not-To-Do List.

Scott Tousley at Sidekick posted a blog this week discussing Warren Buffet’s advice about focus and setting goals.   You can check it out here.   I decided to try out the exercise presented in that blog post, which is basically to:   1. Create a list of 25 professional goals 2. Pick your top 5 3. Eliminate the rest…… Read more →


I’m Starting a Business.

I’ve been blogging for over eight years, but for the majority of that time I didn’t take it very seriously.   I had multiple blogs over the years… one focused on poetry, another for fitness, and on and on. Every new idea I got I’d just create another free blog on blogger or It was messy, and nobody knew where to find… Read more →


Self Respect & Showing Up.

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.“ — Woody Allen   You’re tired. You over-committed. You don’t feel like it.    Whatever your reason is,   Get out of bed.   And then, I implore you, show up.   Don’t call out of work, don’t skip class, don’t reschedule that appointment, don’t cancel the interview, don’t blow off that coffee date, don’t… Read more →